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By Moi, Oct 24 2014 12:25AM

From nourishing our insides to taking care of our outsides, it is amazing how much benefits we can gain from plants. Humans have always been curious about the potency of plants probably since the beginning of man’s existence. Knowing plants do nourish, heal and beautify us amongst other duties, it is fair to state that they certainly do a better job at multi-tasking than we can!

Carefully extracted and sourced natural ingredients can and do work wonders on our skin and hair. I find that using these ingredients in their purest forms produce greater visible results. Whether the ingredients come as butters, oils or even in their raw state, it is important to cleverly bring them together in formulations where they complement one another and produce the best effects on our skin and hair.

I would rather put on my skin what I can put in my mouth!